Thursday, December 20, 2012

I.C.R.N. presents... Spot the difference

Since it's Christmas we thought we'd share a little festive teaser with you to mark the occasion of the Unkant Christmas party. Can anyone spot the difference between the user Andy Wilson, who gives Andy Wilson's book on Faust 5 stars and the the user Andy Wilson who wrote Andy Wilson's book on Faust? Could they by any chance be related?

A very modest man...
We only ask since this Andy Wilson seems to be a fan not only of his Association of Musical Marxists (AMM) colleague Ben Watson but of our old friend Stewart Home...

.... with much to be modest about.

We also note in passing that if you search for Who Makes the Nazis? on the AMM page you get some very interesting reading material. It's certain that AMM and Unkant are very much singing from the same hymn sheet and that they're linked to Datacide and other WMTN supporters. What could it all mean? Perhaps once their Christmas party is over Strel. and The Gang can use their renowned investigative skills to clear up the confusion.

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