Sunday, February 24, 2013

Luther Blisset on Laibach and NSK!

Despite some of the Blissets having links to Datacide, Neoism and others, it seems that at least one of the Blissets is able to view Laibach and NSK in a non-doctrinnaire way - "Now, hang on. Think about it a little. For me to admit to being a Laibach fan is not just a detail." Even now, mentioning Laibach in some activist/autnomist circles is a real transgression. In a sense, this is as it should be - if Laibach is ever totally normalised it will be a sign that it has lost its capacity for full spectrum provocation. Still, there's no shortage of authoritarian, knee-jerk responses to this subject, so it's interesting to see a writer from this end of the spectrum attempting to work through the issues (and kudos for pointing out the under-discussed political aspects of Iron Sky). It's a lengthy text that open up some new angles on the subject and while we may not agree with all of it it's a very refreshing text. Read it here...

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